Time Deposit Rates in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, time deposits are offered by deposit taking institutions such as a licensed banks, restricted licensed banks and deposit-taking companies. It is considered a basic bank product that allows individuals to invest funds for an agreed time period with a corresponding agreed rate of return. In other countries this type of product may be known as a term deposit (Australia), fixed deposit (South Africa) or certificate of deposit (USA)

Time deposits also offer a higher rate of interest over a longer time horizon when compared to savings products due to higher risk and uncertainty. They are also illiquid because the funds are unavailable with possible penalties incurred if withdrawn before the agreed maturity. This type of deposit is available to be denominated in Hong Kong dollars or in other currencies with different corresponding rates of return and foreign exchange risk.

Popular deposit terms with corresponding interest rates offered by HK banks include but are not limited to 3 month, 6 month, 12 month periods.

Highest Interest Rates for HK Bank Time Deposit Accounts