Hong Kong Banks

BankBranchFounded1 Year RateOwnership
National Australia Bank Hong Kong2N/AForeign
Wing Hang Bank431937N/ALocal
Westpac Hong Kong11986N/AForeign
Credit Suisse Hong Kong1N/AForeign
Citibank Hong Kong411902N/AForeign
Fubon Bank Hong Kong221970N/AForeign
Bank Of China Hong Kong26020010.20%Foreign - China
China Construction Bank Asia431912N/AForeign
Shanghai Commercial Bank431950N/AForeign
ICBC Asia551964N/AForeign

Hong Kong Deposits

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
ORIX Asia19711.25% - HKDJun 2015
Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong7718590.60% - HKDJul 2015
Bank Of East Asia8819180.4000% - HKDJun 2015
Hang Seng Bank22019330.25% - HKDJul 2015
HSBC Hong Kong10018650.20% - HKDJun 2015
Bank Of China Hong Kong26020010.20% - HKDJun 2015
DBS Hong Kong2820010.15% - HKDJul 2015
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Hong Kong Savings Accounts

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Public Bank Hong Kong3219340.15% - HKDMar 2015
Fubon Bank Hong Kong2219700.05% - HKDMar 2015
Bank Of China Hong Kong26020010.02% - HKDJun 2015
DBS Hong Kong2820010.01% - HKDJul 2015
HSBC Hong Kong10018650.0010% - HKDJun 2015
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Hong Kong Loans Rates

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
ANZ Hong Kong319701.09%HKDJul 2015
Citibank Hong Kong4119022.15% - HKDJul 2015
Bank Of China Hong Kong26020012.71% - HKDJun 2015
DBS Hong Kong2820012.98% - HKDJul 2015

Hong Kong Credit Card Rates

BankBranchFoundedInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
HSBC Hong Kong100186534.46% - HKDJun 2015


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Hong Kong is a special administrative region (SAR) of China. China's economy ranks 2nd in the world with Hong Kong's GDP PPP contributing 322,486 according to the IMF in 2010. Its currency is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). Bank deposits held for a fixed term in Hong Kong are called time deposits. According to CIA.gov its inflation was -0.5% in 2009 and 2.2% in 2010.